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      Daniel Ruidant, born and raised in Belgium, continues the legacy as the third of four generations of hairstylists. 

He is still the youngest world champion to win the OMC Hairworld Competition, known as the "Olympics of Hair" at the age of 19. He continued to be a trainer, coach, and judge, for over 25 years for the World Olympic Championship leading the USA to a gold medal.

      He was an official representative of World Congress for hair, International platform artist, educator and demonstrator for L'Oreal, Roffler, Framesi, Sorbie, Pivot Point, and American Hairlines to mention a few. 

Daniel has been a consultant for American and Modern Salon magazine, a designer for NCA Hair America spring/summer fall/winter trend releases and recognized by "Mademoiselle" magazine as one of the ten best hairstylists. Currently, he is currently the Cutting Director for It&ly HairFashion and continues to educate through fashion shows, seminars, and classes. 

More Awards and Achievements:

     Lifetime Achievement Award
     Inducted to the National Barber Museum Hall of Fame
     Hollywood Guild Master of all Masters

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